Ashley LiterskiAlmira Hague, P.A.
graduated from Howard University in 2004 majoring in the Physician assistant progam.  She is a Nationally certified PA since 2004. She is a proud citizen of United States of America. Prior to joining the Integrated Regional Medical Center she worked for federal government at Walter Reed Medical Center and Fort Belvior Community Hospital  for 5 plus years. She has extensive clinical experience in the field of Gastroenterology, Urgent care, and Pain management.
Mrs. Hague is an expert in the Diagnosis and treatment of the musculo-skeletal system with special emphasis on shoulder and knee pain. She recently updated all of her training under Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Director, Dr. Bill Wolf, MD as well as Pain Management Physician Dr. Ernest Romane of Empire Medical at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine teaching Hospital in October of 2017 where she studied joint / extremity / non-spinal injections.

She is married with 3 kids. In her down time, she enjoys painting, travel and spend time with her family.

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